How to Automate Webflow CMS with Notion

Streamline Your Content Publishing with Notion, Webflow, and Make
April 28, 2023

How to Automate Webflow CMS with Notion

Today, we are going to explore how to automate the webflow cms using notion.
I finally launched 🎉. I also added a simple automation using Make to save time and energy.
You will learn how to connect Make to both notion and Webflow. I’d highly appreciate any feedback  on my videos, as I am trying to get better every time. Thanks for watching!  
🧑🏾‍💻 Link to the Code-Snippet mentioned:

Project Overview

Notion to Webflow CMS

Marvin built a basic website with a home page, a contact page, and a blog section using Webflow CMS. He also utilized Notion to automate the process of uploading content to his Webflow CMS. Marvin walks viewers through how he set up the CMS, the Notion structure, and the Make automation.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize Webflow CMS to dynamically upload content to your website.
  • Use Notion to structure your content and data.
  • Use Make to automate the process of uploading content to your Webflow CMS.

Setting up the CMS

  1. To set up the CMS, create a collection in Webflow.
  2. In the collection, create custom fields for your content.
  3. In Notion, create a database for your content and use the same fields as in your Webflow collection.
  4. Use Make to set up automation that triggers whenever you publish a new page in your Notion database.
  5. Use Make to create a new CMS item in your Webflow collection and fill in the custom fields with the data from your Notion database.

Marvin recommends using Make to automate the process because it saves time and can connect with almost any software.

"That's the tool I chose to use, and I'm going to show you how I actually built the automation." - Marvin Aziz

Notion Structure

Marvin recommends structuring your content and data in Notion to automate your workflow. He uses a content calendar database with custom fields for blog body, slug, Twitter text, and more. He also has a field for status, which he uses as a trigger for his automation.

Make Setup

Marvin uses Make to watch his Notion database for changes and trigger the automation to upload content to Webflow. He filters the database to only show published pages and uses a router to differentiate between new and existing CMS items in Webflow.

Workaround for Video Links

Marvin ran into an issue with automatically inserting video links from YouTube into his Webflow CMS. The solution was to use a code workaround with JavaScript. He includes the code in his Notion page and encourages viewers to use it as well.

Link to the Snippet:

Future Automation Ideas

Marvin has plans to expand his automation with Make to include tweeting and emailing subscribers. He encourages viewers to explore the endless opportunities of using Make to automate processes.

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Creator Bio

Marvin is a freelance developer who enjoys sharing his knowledge about workflow development on his YouTube channel, Web to the Flow. He is passionate about automation and using tools like Make to streamline processes.




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