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Why do I give this away for free?

When I first started out as a freelance developer, I knew literally nothing about how to build beautiful UX/UI designs.

I used WordPress to build my first website and got my hands on a premium template a friend sent to me. It was super complicated to adjust the template to my needs, and nearly impossible to change without knowing how to code.

Today it's different. Webflow came along and created the possibility to build your websites based on community cloneables without having the need to fully understand servers, coding, backends or third party software.

You just clone a template and have a fully customizable foundation to your new website. That's a massive deal!

I learned how to use Webflow by cloning other people's projects and by looking behind the scenes to understand how the professionals are doing it.

I want to help you skip the struggles I experienced because I think to use Webflow cloneables is a great way to actually become a better developer & designer.

So go ahead! Sign up and claim my favorite cloneables. Copy and paste full pages or just components to your project and adjust them with a few clicks.

By the way - you'll also receive content about Webflow, development and design to help you accelerate your career as a freelancer or agency owner.

It's time to build.


Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with me via

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can easily cancel your subscription with one click on a link I send in each and every mail.

Will you be adding more cloneables in the future?

Yes, I release new cloneables every month, so that you never run out of beautiful design ideas and easy to copy and paste templates using Webflow.

Can I use it for commercial projects?

You sure can! Being a freelance developer myself, I’ve been using some of those templates for my own or customers projects.

What else can I expect from your newsletter, Marvin?

You'll not only gain free access to my list of favorite cloneables, but also will continue to learn more about how I make sure my clients never want to leave me and my services.

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