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Custom Cursor
Generator v0.1

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Feel free to use this Custom Cursor Tool to improve

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Create your own Custom Cursor

So you want to create your custom cursor for your website. This is the tool that will help you achieve it. Start by uploading an image of your custom cursor to a server you'll be able to get the image from. Make sure the image is small! (<128px width & height) If you leave the input fields blank, you'll receive the code for the example custom cursors used on this site. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Choose your general cursor

Paste a Link to your chosen cursor in the normal state. (.png, .svg or .jpeg)

Choose your secondary cursor

Paste a Link to your chosen cursor in the hover state over links.

Where do you want the cursor to appear? (optional)

Type in the class name of the elements your cursor is supposed to appear.
Click the button and use the code snippet below. Copy and paste the code for your custom cursor into the <head> tags of your website. That's it! You are ready to go.


Hey there!

Sorry to say so but this tool is only usable on desktop so far!
Feel free to use it on your PC or Laptop :)