Create a Sticky on Scroll Animation in Webflow - Beginner Tutorial

In case you ever wondered how to create that sticky section with a scroll animation in Webflow - I have got you covered. 🤓
March 29, 2023

Create a Sticky on Scroll Animation

As a freelance developer, I often encounter design challenges that require me to think creatively. Recently, I was tasked with creating a sticky on scroll animation for a client's website. In this blog post, I will explain the steps I took to create this effect and provide the necessary code to replicate it on your own website.

So let's learn How To Create a Sticky on Scroll Animation using Webflow. You'll be learning about:

👉  Webflow Shortcuts
👉  Sticky Elements
👉  Scroll Animations in Webflow

Hint: To create a Sticky Element, you can't set the parent element to overflow hidden!
This was always a bit confusing for me, but that's why I tend to use more Divs to help out.

Prepare the Sticky Section

We are going to build a 2-column section in order to have on column scrolling while the other column stays sticky.
This is of great use if you want to emphasize, give an overview or maybe show an image while the user can scroll through text.

To create a sticky on scroll animation, the first step is to set up the HTML structure. Once the structure is in place, you can use CSS and JavaScript to create the desired layout and animation effects OR you do it with Webflow :)

In my case, I used Webflow and a grid wrapper to the page wrapper to help me arrange the elements on the page, and then I added a wrapper and placed images inside of it. I styled the images using CSS to create a stack effect, and then used Webflows Interaction Trigger to track the user's scroll position and apply a sticky class to the wrapper when the user scrolls past a certain point. This causes the wrapper and its contents to stick to the top of the screen while the rest of the page continues to scroll.

It's a really easy to create section with a big impact on UX - both positive and negative. So don't overuse sticky sections in Webflow and make sure to always have the user in mind while building your websites.

Overall, creating a sticky on scroll animation involves a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if you do it from scratch. By following the steps outlined in this video, you will be able to create a similar effect for your own website using Webflow only.

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⏲️  Timestamps
00:00 - Intro
00:22 - Overview
00:48 - Page Structure Setup
10:27 - Build the Scroll Animation
17:39 - Result


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